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How We Earned Our Name

"Poke In Da Eye World Championship BBQ & Catering"

We started competition cooking in 1993 because it was something my bride and I could do together and not go out to the bars!  After three years of cooking under the name Paradigm Cookers (sponsored by Paradigm Valves) we changed our name to Poke In Da Eye!  The reason you may ask is because Paradigm Valves was sold to another company and they were not interested in sponsoring a Bar-B-Que team, so we needed to change our name as well.  We competed in a couple events under the name "Black Jack Cookers" - sometimes you win sometimes you lose! 

Well in 1995 under the Team Name Paradigm Cookers we were "Grand Champions" at the Pasadena Texas Livestock Show and Rodeo cook-off - 284 teams!!  WOO HOO.  In 1996, under the name "Black Jack Cookers" the best we placed was 5th place in Pork Spare Ribs out of 293 teams!  As we were walking back to our space to continue clean-up & tear-down, I was madder than a wet hen!  One of our team members approached me and said "Joseph, ya know we DID NOT win, but heck, we place 5th in Ribs - and that is better than a Poke In The Eye with a sharp stick.  I looked at him and smiled, because he was right!  I knew immediately that our NEW NAME was to be "Poke In Da Eye" because Leroy was a Coonass and was always saying "Da" – If we don’t win first place, it we win anything it is better than a “Poke In Da Eye”!

At the time I lived in Seabrook, Texas (just East of Houston), team members lived in Crosby, Texas - Pasadena, Texas, Alvin, Texas - (2) Katy, Texas, so we became Poke In Da Eye Cookers from Everywhere, Texas!

From 1993 - 2007 we competed in the Metro Go-Texan circuit helping children earn scholarships and to earn a space to compete in the Houston Livestock & Rodeo World Championship Bar-B-Que Cook-off, winning a space for 14 consecutive years!  In 1998 our Pork Ribs were blessed with Metro Go-Texan Best Bar-B-Que (against all other brisket, ribs & chicken) and Reserve Champion Ribs in the Open Division - Rib category.  In 2000 our Pork Ribs were blessed again with Metro Go-Texan Best Bar-B-Que and this time Champion Ribs in the Open Division - Rib category.

From 1996 to 2010 we were blessed with over 500 awards and recognized on many of the "Main Stages" in competition cooking all over the USA!  From Windsor, Vermont to Douglas, Georgia, Las Vegas to Kansas City and many places in between!  The Houston Livestock Show and Rodeo 1998 & 2000 - Ribs, 2002 & 2006 final table Brisket, Memphis in May 2004 - Champion Seafood, 4th beef and 4th Poultry, Best of The Best in Douglass, Georgia 2004 - Reserve Grand Champion, American Royal in Kansas City - 2004 1st Dessert (Dutch oven cherry cobbler), 2006 11th & 2nd Brisket, and many, many more!

Now as a family owned and operated BBQ joint, we provide competition quality Bar-B-Que and “home-made sides” to you and your friends - not just a few select judges!  Hope you enjoy, come back time and time again and tell all your friends!

Cooking for you!

Joseph W Koricanek – Pitmaster, Chief Cook & Bottle washer

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